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Colony Laspberry
(WI019) Worm Interface 1999
14 Tracks. 76mins11secs.
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Baraki apparently comes from Kyoto, in Japan. But this outfit has definitely an English feel to it. Ranging from drillín bass to big fat electronica, Colony Laspberry offers some interesting moments. From the bleepy bumpy aquatic sounds of tracks such as Departure, Koukakului or the massive Whisper-2 to the atmospheric A break or Tuning, Baraki display here an obvious taste for experimenting with sounds, noises, real ambiences captured on a DAT recorder, and samplers. The constructions are all at once fragile, powerful, and aggressive, and the melodies, when they emerge from the fracas, are little lullabies lost in space. 
Colony Laspberry is too invading at times, and the listener canít help but skip to the next track on a couple of occasions, especially when it claims Squarepusherís throne and crown, but Baraki demonstrate with this record an appetite for the atypical, and could well become a serious contender on the electronic scene if they put their mind to it. 
01 Rock'n Job 08 Boundary
02 Departure 09 Bandai
03 A Break 10 Whisper-2
04 Koukakului 11 Link-1
05 Stick 12 REM
06 Tuning 13 Daidara Botch
07 Wa To Yoni 14 Colony Laspberry
Brilliant electronica record label, based in the heart of London's Soho.
Where it all started. Legendary record shop in the heat of Soho, in London, and home of Worm Interface.