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(BAY24CD) The Leaf Label 2002
29 Tracks. 70mins35secs.
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Over recent years, Boom Bip and Doseone have become unavoidable figures of the West Cost hip-hop scene. Known for his turntable mastery, DJ/producer/artist Boom Bip has worked with an impressive amount of musicians as well as releasing his own work on progressive hip-hop label Mush and Warp off-shot Lex Records. Doseone has been equally productive since he first co-founded the highly influential Anticon collective. With several collaborative projects on the go, including Themselves, Deep Purple Dynamics, Greenthink and the utterly essential cLOUDDEAD, as well as a handful of solo releases, the man continuously develops his incomparable style and twisted poetry.
Released a couple of years ago on Mush, Circle finally makes its way to Europe, thanks to the good people at Leaf. Remarkable in every way, this album condenses in just over seventy minutes the most challenging and imaginative soundtrack of the moment. Born of Bipís desire to work on a project with no limitation, the pair locked themselves in the studio for a couple of months to experiment with live instrumentation and vocals. Constantly shifting angle, Circle disconcerts and intrigues in a way few hip hop records have managed until now. Doseís continuous incoherent diatribe evokes in turn the babble of a madman, the discourse of a preacher or the conversation of a child. The poetry of his lyrics, stressed by his lyrical dexterity and astounding debit, and a clever cutínípaste editing, captivates by its sharp assertive reading of everyday life, from God to Star Wars, and absurd and insane sense of humour. The music supporting Doseís monologues is equally puzzling, ranging from textured found sounds to post rock arabesques. Boom Bip plays countless tricks to rival the ingenuity of the rapper, and manages to steal the show more than once. The multitude of influences seems like thrown in a bag and picked at random, creating a volatile and intriguing web of incongruous sounds and beats perfectly shaped to work in this particular environment.
At the complete opposite of gangsta rap, Circle represents, more perhaps than any other Anticon-related release, the future of hip-hop. Intimate and extrovert at the same time, this album knows no boundaries and the pair experiment to their heartís content while remaining completely accessible all the way through. Every word, sound or beat has its purpose, and the alchemy between Boom Bip and Doesone is incandescent. Essential record.
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01 Open 16 Fence Hopping
02 The Bird Catcher 17 Poetic License
03 Square 18 Viewfinder
04 Dead Man's Teal 19 The Birdcatcher's Return
05 Re: The Rarity Of Meaningful Experience 20 Sleep Talking
06 Direction To California 21 Gin
07 The Lantern 22 Goddam Telephone
08 "Art Saved My Life" - 71 23 I Get It
09 Questions Over Coffee 24 Me & People
10 Wishfull Thinking 25 Ho's
11 Ironish 26 Square... No Corners
12 21 To 35 27 This Album Was Meant To Be Myself But Somewhere Along The Line It Ended Up Feeling More Like You... Yet...
13 Sight 28 The Birdcatcher's Oath
14 "Open Quotes 29 Close
15 Town Crier's Walk

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Dirtyloop is the home of Mush Records and Three To Five Records. With a roaster including Clouddead, Reaching Quiet and many more, these two labels take the West Coast sound to new levels.
Five years after putting out their first release, The Leaf Label is proving an unduring force on the electronic  scene.