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The Braindance Coincidence
(CAT100) Rephlex 2001
16 Tracks. 76mins04secs.
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Set-up ten years ago by Richard D. James and Grant Wilson-Claridge, Rephlex has brought Braindance to the world, with artists such as Mike Paradinas (µ-Ziq), Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher), The Gentle People, DMX Krew, Bogdan Raczynski, who, incidentally, has worked on the forthcoming album by Icelandic queen Björk, or Leila to name but a few. To celebrate its tenth birthday, the label releases a compilation encapsulating the true spirit of the Rephlex equation.
Although the prolific James has released some of his own material via his label, under the AFX and Caustic Window monikers, there is no sign of his music here, apart from the Helston Flora remix of Baby Ford’s Normal. Instead, the man puts once again his mates in the limelight. The Braindance Coincidence opens with the ultra-kitsch and bloody brilliant Gentle People. If not quintessentially Rephlex in sound, the Gentle People are in attitude, with their blend of electronic (sl)easy listening. After this mellow start, it is down to proper business, with a profusion of eighties-style bleeps and acid sounds, intricate drill’n’bass and clever electronica. From the hip-hop-inspired Long Whiney, by Global Goon, to the muddle of Bogdan Raczynski’s Death To The Natives, this album samples some of the most exiting moments of the label, underlining the terrorist approach to music in general and the industry in particular that James and Wilson-Claridge have adopted over the years. This results in a gigantic melting pot of funky eighties-revival electro-pop, courtesy of DMX Krew (The Glass Room) and D’Arcangelo (Diagram VII), twisted Stephen Hawking-esque style vocoder on Cylob’s Rewind, tempestuously natured electro-jazz’n’bass from Tom Jenkinson, under his Chaos A.D. alter-ego (Psultan), electro-acoustic inferno taken from the masterpiece that is Virtual Farmer, by Mike Dred and Peter Green (Kymera). The album also includes a magnificent excerpt from µ-Ziq’s Tango’n’Vectif album (Swan Vesta), as well as the brilliant Don’t Fall Asleep by Leila or the ill-minded (This Can) Robotic put together by Vibert & Simmonds.    
After ten years spent defying conventions and clearing the way for others, Rephlex shows no sign of slowing down. The Braindance Coincidence will please the fan as it is a comprehensive look back at the last decade, and, equally, is a good way to start exploring the fascinating Rephlex catalogue.
01 The Gentle People Journey 09 µ-Ziq Swan Vesta
02 Global Goon Long Whiney 10 Vulva Happy Birdie! Sad Birdie!
03 Cylob Rewind 11 Vibert & Simmonds (This Can) Robotic
04 DMX Krew The Glass Room 12 Chaos A.D. Psultan
Squarepusher Mix
05 D'Arcangelo Diagram VII
808 Mix
13 Bogdan Raczynski Death To The Natives
06 Bochum Welt Fortune Green 14 Mike Dred & Peter Green Kymera
07 The Railway Raver Keith's Trumpet 15 Leila Don't Fall Asleep
08 Baby Ford Normal
Helston Flora Remix By AFX
16 Ovuca Afternoon Girl
Richard D James has been minding other people's business for some time, and his own record label is celebrating ten years of braindance music this year.