AKIRA KOSEMURA: It’s On Everything (Someone Good)


Posted on Aug 30th 2007 12:43 pm

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Akira Kosemura: It’s On Everything

It’s On Everything
Someone Good 2007
12Tracks. 53mins49secs

Yet another testament to the fact that each event receives its signification retroactively, the debut full-length effort from musician and Schole label manager Akira Kosemura ruminates with poetic reverie on the tender emotions and cheerful obsequious humor of summer’s past. Music of the hushed type, the compositions are fuzzy at the edges, yet abound in detail and incidents that are newly burnished.

The title-track, for one, is a slow build up of steady minimalist piano strokes, dabbed carefully with children’s voices and traces of paranormal emissions while the atmospheric sonics, emitting a laconic light, continue in their legato course. It is a work that has the feel of a nigh time symphony, unfolding as though a ritual, and marked by a spiritual, celestial dimension. And, as with any single path leading through a particularly fertile plain, segments are lined with an assortment in plumage, rhythm, and manners of activity. Certain moments dovetail electronic and acoustic music’s for maximum hypnotic effect; certain others amplify the sense of acoustic space, filling it with scant few elements, and letting the spirits sag; yet others employ backings of a more distinctive nature, with glitches that scuttle and trickle, playing in the eddies in between the reflective piano lines.

Kosemura’s ability to grasp these elements in the totality of their interconnectedness is evident, with a sense of movement and event manifested on a consistent basis. This he does despite the fact that compositions shift their gaze, peering into the past, present, future, and the various ways in which they intermingle and inform each other in sometimes surprising ways. The closing track, in particular, seems flecked with a more robust maturity and sense of unease. The listener is thereby privy to numerous symbolizations of one inaccessible kernel (in this case, one shaped during childhood), and is throughout able to derive no small amount of pleasure from both the due participation and passivity shown towards it.

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Comments (5)

5 Responses to “AKIRA KOSEMURA: It’s On Everything (Someone Good)”

  1. Twoism2on 30 Aug 2007 at 5:16 pm

    According to the review it sounds like this album resembles Radicalfashion and Rafael Anton Irisarri both releases from this year. This genre seems to have become overcrowded these days.

  2. themilkmanon 30 Aug 2007 at 9:37 pm

    I haven’t personally heard this album, so perhaps Max may be able to bring some lights on your comment Twoism2.

    There is certainly a bit of a new movement that has appeared in the last two to three years, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is getting overcrowded as such, especially if the records are interesting, and there have been quite a few interesting ones in this particular genre of music, at least in my opinion, and that only goes for the ones I’ve heard, of course.

    I suppose you could say that of probably most movements within specific genres. After all, there have been countless Boards Of Canada followers for instance, and while they haven’t all been interesting, some have actually really come through.

  3. Max Schaeferon 31 Aug 2007 at 5:13 pm

    So far as comparisons are concerned, this work bears no pertinent relation to either of the two works you mention, Mr. Twoism2. Aspects of the work – from its cover art, to selection of instruments – might tempt one to make broad sweeping assertions, but Kosemura wields enough tact and care in the management of these elements to warrant closer, and more considered investigation.

  4. Twoism2on 31 Aug 2007 at 7:41 pm

    Thanks for your comments guys. I’d also like to say that it’s refreshing to be able to leave a comment about the reviews written. It give this music site more of a “music community feel”.

    Anyway, I suppose your right about the recent piano (we could include acoustic guitar in this mix)/electronic/experimental genre in which the majority of them are good on their own merit, point being a trend is developing,should be interesting to see where it goes. I’ll be checking out this release as well….


  5. themilkmanon 04 Sep 2007 at 1:02 am

    Thanks for the kind comments Twoism2. It’s good to be able to have people commenting on reviews and get reader’s opinions with the reviews. I am hoping for plenty of comments and reactions, so hopefully we can expand on ideas and discuss records and artists further.