TERRE THAEMLITZ – You? Again? (Mule Electronic)


Posted on Sep 23rd 2007 11:57 pm

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You? Again?

You? Again?
Mule Electronic 2007
10 Tracks. 70mins39secs

Writer, DJ and owner of the Comatonse Recordings music label, Terre Thaemlitz has established something of a reputation for restless social activity and focussed artistic intent. Japan-resident Thaemlitz dabbles promiscuously with electroacoustic computer music, deep house and composed works for solo piano, yet despite all of this endless sliding, not to mention the voluminous pseudynms under which he operates, his distance from the respective styles and concentration on seducing the signs themselves animates and organizes much of his data peddling.

You? Again? offers just such a vibrant snapshot of Thaemlitz at work. From the onset, the deep house beats of Chugga: Theme For The Buck Rogers Light Rope Dance ripple and gleam. Foursquare melodic structures are present, however, they are busied up by rolling piano chords and deflected to diverting effect. Besides rendering the piece denser and more animated, the piano brings a terse feel to the fore. On other tracks, it is sturdy enough to withstand the ricocheting beats, and its clarity and precision act as a symptom which subverts its own foundation, preventing the compositions from becoming closed, homogeneous wholes. Everything on display, then, possesses a certain self-reflectiveness. House pieces take themselves more seriously than house is ready to take itself, or are swooned with wobbly piano lines and acid jazz leads. Social Material: Class, for one, is composed of protracted pulses and deep cycles of events, all of which works well enough as a slab of deep house music, yet it succeeds just as well, and amounts to something that is much more as a result of its ability to function as a commentary on itself.

Thaemlitz is most certainly doing a lot here, enough so that, although themes are repeated such that a plot is developed, the temptation to simply pick and choose is very tempting indeed. The album as a whole offers much, though, as it harbors the ability to stroke the imagination and understanding on numerous levels.


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