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Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel: Bloom

Rednetic Recordings 2007
06 Tracks. 29mins28secs
Format: CDS

Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel was formed in 1999 in Tokyo by Saitoh Tomohiro, Yamamoto Shinichiro and Kohno Nagahiro, but, after they released their debut album, Air Comfort, on U-Cover, the trio disbanded, leaving Tomohiro sole in charge since 2005.

Creating wonderfully lush and rich soundscapes, and wrapping them around gentle melodies, Tomohiro presents here a rather sumptuous collection of blissful cinematic electronic music. Right from the onset, he articulates a series of atmospheric sounds, representations of birds and flowing water, before laying a delicate melody over a dense sonic mist. Although it never seems to emerge fully, only revealing sections of its complex formation, the melody is kept to the forefront and, as the piece evolves, is left leading the way.

Bloom, which follows, continues on a similar path, although here, the main theme is covered with a succession of textures, from linear soundwaves to modulations, giving the piece a much clearer abstract angle. Later on, Signals pushes the abstraction further as Tomohiro works from a much more abrasive set of sounds. Here, all traces of melody are erased and the voluptuous soundscapes are replaced with more arid noises.

Calm is, very much as its titles indicates, a rather peaceful and airy piece, on which the path of the melody appears to be decided by the various changes of a gentle springtime breeze, while Twisted introduces a slight psychedelic dimension to this release as melodic swirls and loops gracefully float over a sparkling backdrop. The EP concludes with the warm atmospheric tones of Nord, which, although quite linear in structure, conveys quite a wide array of cinematic impressions.

While the vast landscapes of Bloom may be shrouded in hazy sonic drapes, Tomohiro creates here a rather evocative series of beautiful and luxuriant electronic pieces.


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