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Posted on Jan 10th 2008 01:31 am

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Cyan341: Numbers

Kreisaulf 2008
04 Tracks. 28mins30secs

Cyan341 is the latest project from Rednetic label boss Mark Streatfield, who is better known for his long running electronica project Zainetica. As Cyan341, Streatfield investigates a much more dance floor friendly series of soundscapes fueled with Detroit electronic textures and Berlin techno minimalism.

The Numbers EP, available to download from Kreisault, features four tracks, soberly entitled 05, 06, 07 and 08, echoing the rarefied tones and linear beat structures employed throughout. Yet, despite avoiding any unnecessary flourishes, Streatfield still manages to create warm polished soundscapes to wrap his compositions in. All four tracks appear to form from a same restricted sound pool and could, on first listen, seem to be variations on a unique theme, but on closer listen, the individuality of each piece becomes more apparent. The melodic structures are kept to their bare essential and, driven by relentless grooves, are set slightly toward the back.

Right from the onset of 05, which opens, Streatfield sets the tone and establishes the boundaries of this project. The pace is sustained, the beat is crisp and cutting and the soundscapes are vibrant and warm. Stretched over just under seven minutes, the piece imperceptibly builds up and develops all the way through. 06 continues on the same path but Streatfield strips the piece down further, leaving only its rudimentary structure exposed. Only the presence of treated vocals seems to signify a human input in those two tracks. 07 kicks off with just a beat and a regular bass pulse, but as the beat beefs up, layers of sounds emerge from the ether and progressively invade the space, and 08 builds on this momentum to conclude this EP.

For his latest project, Mark Streatfield has swapped the post-Detroit classic electronica of his Zainetica for classic full-blown Detroit techno and smears them with hints of Berlin minimalism. As much at ease with rarefied atmospheres as he is with lush and complex sound formations, Streatfield creates here a very confident piece of work.

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