KWAIDAN: Kwaidan (Highpoint Lowlife)


Posted on Dec 16th 2008 01:44 am

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Kwaidan: Kwaidan

Highpoint Lowlife 2008
02 Tracks. 23min27mins

Kwaidan is a one-off project from Mat Ronson, who usually officiates under the Fisk Industries banner, released on the ever-excellent Highpoint Lowlife imprint as a digital-only EP, available to buy straight from the label.

With this release, Ronson turns his attention to dark and dense urban electronic by cutting two thick slice of haunting and caustic dubstep-infused techno, each clocking at over eleven minutes. First in line, Hoichi rises slowly from the ether as distorted voices cross the spectrum, then as the beat kicks in, shapes take form progressively. Firmly set on mid tempo, the beat rapidly gains its cruising altitude and never falters until the end. Behind, voices, seemingly caught in mid conversation, distorted and stretched into resonating dub, continue to populate the dark and foggy background, even when Ronson adds layers of corroded sounds and decaying loops. The evolution of the piece is very progressive and chromatic, until the beat finally vanishes and the track dies down.

The second piece is even darker and more aggressive. Once again, voices provide much of the sonic envelop of Kasaki, but the rest of the space is occupied by a threatening groove, which unfolds over a dense abrasive backdrop, fuelled with minimal Detroit electroshocks and heavy angular London stomp. The beat appears more linear than on Hoichi due to a higher rate of syncopation and a much clearer two-tone rumbling bass, and the overall tone is fuelled with hyper-sensitive grooves and oppressive curtains of noise.

In many ways, these two tracks are much more minimal than what Ronson usually produces, and they also show a much darker side to his talent. On the strength of this EP, it is to hope that Ronson decides to give it a follow up.


Fisk Industries | Hightpoint Lowlife

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