SABI: Glued On Thin Memories (Boltfish Recordings)


Posted on Aug 3rd 2010 01:28 am

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Sabi: Glued On Thin Memories

Glued On Thin Memories
Boltfish Records 2010
15 Tracks. 68mins52secs

Norman Records: CD

The excellent Boltfish continues to deliver the goods with their latest release, the debut album by British-Japanese electronic artist Sabi, who has previously been spotted on Cactus Island Recordings with a first EP, Nebulous Sights, four years ago, and more recently on Phaseworks with 71:36, a split LP recorded with Kiyo. Sabi is the solo project of Taro Peter Little, a graphic designer who is currently studying music at the Tokyo University Of Arts.

Weaving together various strands of electronica into one rather lush collection, Little creates here a particularly beautiful record. Glued On Thin Memories is quite a varied album, and one that bears its many influences proudly, from Piano Phase-like Reich-ian influences on Halfspine and, to a lesser extend Mote Diver, to the Harold Budd-tinted title track or the Eno-infused Burning On A Tiny Black Lake or Melting Antennas and strong Orb-overtones of pieces such as Screaming Bulb, Signals Left or Music For Stones + Dore Cigales. This is a risky strategy, but one that pays off here. Indeed, while Little appears to leave his influences largely exposed, it is what he makes of them and how they integrate into his work that give this album its own identity. The music is evocative, with sumptuous melodic lines and built from lush soundscapes, and while he goes from particularly rich sonic feasts, propelled by sharp rhythmic sections, to much more atmospheric and, at times, minimal pieces, there is here a sense of direction and a strong focus on evolution binding this record together pretty seamlessly.

All the way through, Sabi works with beautiful organic pulsating soundscapes which give a number of tracks here a very aquatic feel. This is reinforced by the extreme fluidity with characterises much of the album progression as tracks are effortlessly blending in, independently of the mood of any individual piece. Instead of placing his compositions according to their tone or pace, Little adopts what seems at first a much more random approach, but this actually contributes to make Glued On Thin Memories a more unpredictable and organic record and denote a good level of maturity and understanding. This is not to say that there is no narrative running through. Quite the opposite in fact. Little continuously moves through areas of light and shade, placing expressive rhythmic pieces next to contemplative ambient sound forms and emotionally charged piano-led compositions to create a kaleidoscopic journey, which never really loses any of its appeal over its whole course.

With Glued On Thin Memories, Sabi has produced a pretty flawless electronic record, which relies heavily on timeless concepts and ideas to build a very effective collection of stunning electronic pieces.


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Norman Records: CD

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