LUCIANO MAGGIORE & FRANCESCO ‘FUZZ’ BRASSINI: Chàsm’ Achanès (Huge Abyss) (Boring Machines)


Posted on Mar 11th 2011 01:33 am

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Luciano Maggiore & Francesco 'fuzz' Brasini: Chàsm’ Achanès (Huge Abyss)

Chàsm’ Achanès (Huge Abyss)
Boring Machines 2011
01 Track. 35mins46secs

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Foghorns are not a usual source of inspiration in music, yet it seems to be exactly what Italian experimental musicians Luciano Maggiore and Francesco ‘fuzz’ Brasini had in mind for the base concept for this collaborative effort.

Recorded in one take, with Maggiore on electronics and tape recorders, and Brasini on guitars, of the home made variety, in Cesena, a small town on the north-east coast of Italy, Chàsm’ Achanés counts just one thirty five minute track over which hangs the sombre rumbling tone of a loud recurring drone, drenched in reverbs, akin to a foghorn warning ships of an invisible hazard. Its presence is so overwhelming that it is virtually impossible to make out what else may be lurking in the background. But things are indeed happening, albeit discreetly at first, with only hints of guitars or fragments of unidentifiable noises occasionally materialising, only to be swallowed again by the next wave of drone work. But, as it eventually begins to recede in the second half, a miniature world of crackles, tape hisses, feedback and other noises is progressively revealed.

The aspect of the piece changes rather drastically from this point, the horn-like drone replaced by a much more permanent cluster of various noises which grows in density as layers are added. Sounding somewhat like an amplified industrial-strength air conditioning unit, this second drone is far less polished than the first, its core tarnished by all sorts of minutes distortions, defects and incidental whirs, characteristic of Brasini’s experimental guitar work, which makes comprehensive use of peripheral noises created by all sorts of means.

Chàsm’ Achanés is a slightly discomforting affair to say the least, its progression from one crushing drone structure to another is nothing short of impressive. While they are very much set in contrast with each other, from their intrinsic nature to their overall aspect, these drones appear equally as oppressive, making this a somewhat disturbing record.


Luciano Maggiore | Francesco ‘fuzz’ Brasini (Soundcloud) | Boring Machines
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