COPPE’ vs. BIT-PHALANX: Yogurt (Bit Phalanx/Mango & Sweet Rice)


Posted on Sep 30th 2011 01:12 am

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Coppe' vs. Bit-Phalanx: Yogurt

Bit-Phalanx/Mango & Sweet Rice 2011
17 Tracks. 80mins25secs

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According to the proverb, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. In the case of this project, curated by Japanese songstress Coppe’ and London-based collective Bit-Phalanx, there are no less than seventeen different ways to present just one song. The idea of this remix venture began some months ago when members of the collective met Coppe’. Rapidly, the thought of a remix project grew and the idea of involving a wide range of artists, some who have previously worked with Coppe’ (Terminal 11, Kettel), some who haven’t (Minotaur Shock, Mrs Jynx, Kelli Ali) as well as individual Bit-Phalanx members, and the cause served by this was all too obvious.

On the afternoon of Friday 11 March 2011, north east Japan was rocked by the most devastating earthquake the country has known. Of magnitude 9.0, the quake, which had its epicentre at the bottom of the sea 40 miles east of the coasts of Japan, was followed by a series of tsunami waves which destroyed everything in their paths, killing tens of thousands of people, with thousands more missing. Yogurt, and the UK tour coinciding with its release are in support of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami appeal.

Working with others is second nature for Coppe’. The list of the people she has worked with since the mid-nineties is nothing short of impressive, including, amongst others, Plaid, DJ Vadim, Red Snapper, The Program, Ryan Breen or Terry D, so it was a logical step than invite a host of artists to give up their time and contribute their interpretation of Yogurt, a track originally featured on her recent album Artificial Insemination, released last year. And, like her albums, this collection is at once extremely eclectic and utterly Coppe’. Despite focussing on just one song, the scope is so varied here that one rapidly forgets all about it as each new interpretation in this procession of remixes become an entirely new song in its own right. At times dreamy (Mrs Jynk, Minotaur Shock, Kettel & Secede), infused with acid squelches (Kelli Ali, Jilk, Mr. O), funky (Professor Ojo), or bad tempered (T-toe, Niggle, Terminal 11, Libythth), each contributor is invited to take on the song and make of it whatever they see fit. The only constant element throughout is Coppe’’s breathy vocals. At times left pretty much untouched from the album version, while at others heavily treated, chopped up and resampled, so it becomes in turn simple component or texture.

This collection of remixes is as fresh, exciting and challenging as any of Coppe’’s own records, and, while the concept is particular to this record, it still fits in with her usual thirst for confronting her own universe with that of many other like-minded artists. The result is vast in scope, but the quality never fails, resulting in a very entertaining release.

The CD version features fourteen reworkings altogether, with three additional versions, including the album original, available with the digital version, with all profits going to the relief effort to support the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Catch her live in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Brighton this weekend and next week.


Mango & Sweet Rice | Bit-Phalanx
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