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HANNE HUKKELBERG: Featherbrain (Propeller Recordings)

themilkman on May 1st 2012 01:27 am

Hanne Hukkelberg: Featherbrain

Propeller Recordings 2012
10 Tracks. 40mins38secs

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Norwegian-born songstress Hanne Hukkelberg keeps the boundaries of her work purposely blurred, drawing inspiration from pop, jazz or scandinavian folk to create highly individual and intimate miniature songs upon which she casts her bitter-sweet voice. Her first album, Little Things, published on Norwegian imprint Propeller Recordings in 2004 and later on Leaf, revealed a wonderfully nuanced and poetic universe, which was further developed on its follow up, Rykestraße 68, published two years later. Although more ambitious and exploratory than Little Things, Rykestraße 68 retained much of its predecessor’s dreamy tone. Hukkelberg’s third album, Blood From A Stone, published in 2009, denoted a strong shift away from the polished ambiances and refined folk of her previous records to investigate more rugged sonic spaces and less straightforward song structures. On Featherbrain though, she takes a much more experimental approach, at times stripping her sound bare (Noah, The Bigger Me), at others drenching it in electricity (Featherbrain, My Devils) or resolutely keeping it lo-fi and rough (Too Good To Be Good, SMS). Continue Reading »

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