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NILS FRAHM: The Bells / Wintermusik (Erased Tapes)

themilkman on Dec 4th 2009 01:09 am

Nils Frahm: The Bells Nils Frahm: Wintermusic

The Bells
Erased Tapes 2009
11 Tracks. 40mins12secs

Erased Tapes 2009
03 Tracks. 29mins58secs

The Bells
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London imprint Erased Tapes continues in its quest to unleash some of the most beautiful music around with its latest signing, German pianist and composer Nils Frahm, who delivers not one, but two releases in as many weeks. During his formative years, Frahm studied piano with Nahum Brodski before going on to work on his own music. Based in Berlin, where he has established his studio and shares his time between production and composition, Frahm has already featured on a number of releases and has worked with the likes of Peter Broderick or Machinefabriek’s Rutger Zuyderveltd. Continue Reading »

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: In The North EP (Dust Science Recordings)

themilkman on Nov 20th 2009 12:54 am

Various Artists: In The North EP

In The North EP
Dust Science Recordings 2009
04 Tracks. 20mins08secs
Format: Digital

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After a hiatus of a few months, Dust Science, the label ran by Black Dog current members Martin and Richard Dust, is back with a collective EP featuring tracks by The Black Dog, Grievous Angel, The Bass Soldier and Carl Taylor, each contributing one slice of mighty fine electronic music.

Opening the proceedings are the legendary Black Dog, who have, since the Dust brothers joined force with Ken Downie, wandered freely between classic Detroit-infused techno and more subtle and refined atmospheric electronica. With Tesco (Dark House), they are found on supremely minimal form, invoking the spirit of Perlon more than that of Plus 8 Record, especially in the first half of this rather moody, robust piece. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Aug 27th 2009 01:05 am

Dark Captain Light Captain: Remix EP

Remix EP
LOAF/Lo Recordings 2009
05 Tracks. 27mins19secs

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One of the revelations of last year, on the back of a beautifully crafted album, Miracle Kicker, a couple of EPs and a pretty extensive tour which has taken them on both sides of the Atlantic, London-based Dark Captain Light Captain have handed some of their most emblematic tracks to a handful of well-wishers, giving them free reigns to do whatever they pleased with them. Achieving the impossible, the resulting remixes manage to radically interpret the chosen songs while retaining the essence of both the band and the album. Continue Reading »

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ALPINE.: Fr:om Harmed Weather To Stark, Micro, Climates (Highpoint Lowlife)

themilkman on Aug 4th 2009 12:15 am

Alpine.: Fr:om Harmed Weather To Stark, Micro, Climates

Fr:om Harmed Weather To Stark, Micro, Climates
Highpoint Lowlife 2009
06 Tracks. 18mins45secs
Format: Digital

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Alpine. (note the dot as part of the name) is the latest recruit of the Highpoint Lowlife squad, and this EP is his first release. Behind the project is Alex Smalley, already known of Highpoint Lowlife for being one half of Pausal, who published a digital-only EP on the label two years ago, while Smalley’s video work was also featured on the label’s Analog For Architecture compilation released that same year. Fr:om Harmed Weather To Stark, Micro, Climates., also a digital-only released, is made up of six tracks, each track title, added to the previous, forming the full title of this release.

Exploring beautiful ambient musical forms, built around vaporous soundscapes and gentle electronic brushes which have a tendency to evaporate all too quickly, Smalley deploys here a series of nuanced and fragile compositions dotted of a great evocative scope. Continue Reading »

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MARK PRITCHARD: ? / The Hologram (Ho Hum Records)

David Abravanel on Apr 14th 2009 10:01 pm

Mark Pritchard: ? / The Hologram

? / The Hologram
Ho Hum Records 2009
02 Tracks. 11mins23secs
Format: Digital

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Most electronic musicians have some kind of signature sound – a crunchy clap/snare hybrid, or an acid synth squelch, perhaps. It’s something to signify to listeners that, even if the tracks we’re hearing are from a new pseudonym, it’s still the same person behind the controls.

Not so with Mark Pritchard. A member of Global Communication, Jedi Knights, Harmonic 33, and his recent solo project Harmonic 313 (just to name a few), Pritchard is a true sonic chameleon. The mellotron-heavy noir-museum feel of Harmonic 33 signifies little that it’s the same person who’s behind the lush ambient house of Global Communication or Harmonic 313’s bassy tech-hop. ?, Pritchard’s latest single – this time released under his given name for a change – throws yet another curveball. Continue Reading »

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RIVAL CONSOLES: Helvetica / KIASMOS/RIVAL CONSOLES: 65/Milo (Erased Tapes)

themilkman on Mar 27th 2009 01:33 am

Rival Consoles: Helvetica

Erased Tapes 2009
04 Tracks. 12mins51secs
Format: 7”/Digital

Kiasmos/Rival Consoles: 65/Milo

Erased Tapes 2009
05 Tracks. 24mins36secs
Format: 12”/Digital

One of the most iconic type faces of our times, Helvetica celebrated its fiftieth anniversary a couple of years ago amidst a wide range of events across Europe, including the ABC123 EP by To Rococo Rot. Created in 1957 by designer Max Miedinger, Helvetica has since infiltrated just about every form of visual communication and become one of the most ubiquitous and versatile fonts, used equally successfully on public signage, record covers, advertising and art.

Versatile is an adjective that can also be applied to Ryan Lee West’s Rival Consoles, whose debut release, The Decadent EP, was published on Erased Tapes at the end of 2007. Released as a four track seven inch single and digital EP, Helvetica is a hell of an eclectic release. Continue Reading »

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HAUSCHKA: Snowflakes And Carwrecks (Fat-Cat Records/130701)

themilkman on Mar 12th 2009 12:48 am

Hauschka: Snowflakes And Carwrecks

Snowflakes And Carwrecks
Fat-Cat Records/130701 2009
07 Tracks. 39mins39secs

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Only a few months after releasing his second album, Ferndorf, Düsseldorf-based pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann returns with a companion EP of previously unreleased material recorded during the Ferndorf sessions. Clocking at just under forty minutes for the CD and MP3 versions, a little less for the vinyl, Snowflakes And Carwrecks is, like its predecessor, a beautiful and delicate collection of exquisite piano-led compositions, tinted by the addition of a small string ensemble and occasional electronics. Continue Reading »

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THE BLACK DOG: Vexing EP (Soma Quality Recordings)

themilkman on Mar 4th 2009 02:02 am

The Black Dog: Vexing EP

Vexing EP
Soma Quality Recordings 2009
03 Tracks. 17mins36secs
Format: 12″/Digital

In recent years, The Black Dog have appeared rejuvenated and has found a new energy and dimension in brother Martin and Richard Dust, delivering albums and EPs with the confidence Ken Downie demonstrated in the early nineties. With a new album, Further Vexations, ready to be unleashed, the trio launch a first missive with this three track EP comprising of two tracks (0093 and You’re Only SQL) lifted from the album and beefed up to dance floor musculature, plus a third exclusive ambient piece, Plinth. Continue Reading »

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CLARK: Growls Garden (Warp Records)

themilkman on Mar 3rd 2009 09:28 pm

Clark: Growls Garden

Growls Garden
Warp Records 2009
06 Tracks. 25mins18secs
Format: 12″/CD/Digital

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Warp’s enfant terrible returns with another devastating slice of dirty gritty electronic music. Follow up to last year’s Turning Dragon, his most upbeat record to date, Growls Garden ups the ante once again as Clark launches another digital assault on the dance floor. Counting six tracks and clocking just over the twenty five minute mark, this EP is perhaps Clark’s most eclectic release since Clarence Park, as he revisits the dark hues of Empty The Bones Of You or Body Riddle (Growls Garden, Distant Father Torch), and, as he did with Turning Dragon, cuts some fine body-jerking grooves and harsh beats (Seaweed, Gonk Roughage). Continue Reading »

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OUR BROTHER THE NATIVE: Parting Marrows (Fat-Cat Records)

themilkman on Oct 23rd 2008 12:51 am

Our Brother The Native: Parting Marrow

Parting Marrows
Fat-Cat Records 2008
05 Tracks. 21mins28secs
Format: Digital

Close in essence to CocoRosie and Animal Collective, the first output from Our Brother The Native, Tooth & Claw, released over two years ago, already showed strong signs of creative flair, especially for a band formed by three teenagers scattered around the US, who only met in the flesh for their first live set, shortly after the album was released. They returned earlier this year with the much darker and challenging Make Amends For We Are Merely Vessels, which swapped the glittering broken folk of their previous effort for slices of tortured spaced-out post rock.

With Parting Marrows, Joshua Bertram, John-Michael Foss and Chaz Knapp return to more purely pastoral tones, but this digital-only EP marks yet another departure, this time toward slightly bohemian moods. Continue Reading »

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MAGNETOPHONE: Wires & Traps (First Fold Records)

themilkman on Jul 31st 2008 12:51 am

Wires & Traps
First Fold Records 2008
04 Tracks. 22mins24secs
Format: CD

Birmingham’s Magnétophone have occasional burst of activity separated by long spells of nothing. From their first output on Static Caravan ten years ago, John Hanson and Matt Saunders have scarcely dispensed a handful of EPs and two albums, stretching their sound beyond the usual reach of electronic music to incorporate elements of pop and indie rock, amongst others. Apart for a collection of B-sides, remixes and rare tracks released last year and a contribution to Static Caravan’s Binary Oppositions, Wires & Traps is Magnétophone’s first release since their 2005 album The Man Who Ate The Man. Continue Reading »

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FLYING LOTUS: L.A. EP 1×3 (Warp Records)

themilkman on Jul 7th 2008 11:21 pm

Flying Lotus: L.A. EP 1x3

L.A EP 1×3
Warp Records 2008
06 Tracks. 14mins25secs
Format: 12″/Digital

Flying Lotus follows the release of his excellent second album, Los Angeles, a few weeks ago with a series of three limited EPs, each released at just 2,000 copies on 12″. First to materialise is L.A. EP 1×3, which features Sleepy Dinosaur and Robert Flack, taken from Los Angeles, and four brand new tracks.

Kicking off the EP, the glitchy and short Sleepy Dinosaur is quickly followed by the even shorter (just over one minute forty) Rickshaw which despite its rather compact form manages to dispense quite a devastating groove, only lightened up by light oriental flavours. Continue Reading »

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