ALEXANDER SCHUBERT: Plays Sinebag (Ahornfelder)

themilkman on Mar 3rd 2011 01:20 am

Alexander Schubert: Plays Sinebag

Plays Sinebag
Ahornfelder 2011
07 Tracks. 40mins16secs

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Alexander Schubert plays Sinebag, or when two projects meet. This last part could very well be the subtitle for Schubert’s latest release as he brings various elements of his work together under one concept and vastly broadens his scope in the process.

Schubert describes Sinebag as his ‘pop-orientated side project’, yet none of the two albums he has released under that name can really qualify as pop in any shape or form. Instead, Milchwolken In Teein (2003) and Près De La Lisière (2005) have been highly refined exercises in micro found sound placement and electro-acoustic experimentation. Here though, Schubert combines this with a more spontaneous and ambitious approach, finding some roots in the some of the projects he has contributed to over the years, especially those based around improvised music. Continue Reading »

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NICOLAS BERNIER: Strings.Lines (Crónica) / Courant.Air (Ahornfelder) / Usure.Paysage (Hrönir)

themilkman on Feb 3rd 2011 01:33 am

Nicolas Bernier: Strings.Lines Nicolas Bernier: Courant.Air Nicolas Bernier: Usure.Paysage

Crónica 2010
05 Tracks. 41mins19secs

Ahornfelder 2010
08 Tracks. 33mins00secs

Hrönir 2011
04 Tracks. 28mins40secs

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Amazon UK: CD | DLD Amazon US: CD | DLD Boomkat: DLD iTunes: DLD

Nicolas Bernier’s passion for sound and for beautiful and intricate structures earned him a honorary mention from the Prix Ars Electronica two years ago for his debut album, Les Arbres. This record was in no way Bernier’s first foray onto the music scene, but until then, his work has mainly constituted of collaborative efforts and of installations. With three releases out in a matter of months, Bernier charts very different aspects of his electro-acoustic work. Continue Reading »

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SEMUIN: Circles And Elephants (Ahornfelder)

themilkman on Apr 2nd 2010 12:08 am

Semuin: Circles & Elephants

Circles And Elephants
Ahornfelder 2009
10 Tracks. 42mins56secs

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Over four years have passed between Berliner Jochen Briesen’s debut album as Semuin, Province, in 2005 on Oregon-based imprint Audio Dregs and his second opus, Circles And Elephants, published by German label Ahornfelder at the end of last year. Blending streaks of acoustic instrumentations and electronic textures into refined sonic vignettes, Briesen created on his debut album a pretty imaginative soundtrack.

Circles And Elephant continues on the same wavelength but there is a marked evolution towards more open fields, Briesen’s intricate soundscapes gaining both in breadth and intensity. Continue Reading »

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