ARANDEL: In D Remixed (InFiné)

themilkman on Aug 4th 2011 11:54 pm

Arandel: In D Remixed

In D Remixed
InFiné 2011
09 Tracks. 66mins12secs

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Amongst the many excellent records published on Franco-German imprint InFiné last year, one stood out as a particularly original record. The work of enigmatic French DJ and producer Arandel, In D was an electronic record for which the man (this is about as much as we know of who Arandel actually is) had renounced MIDI equipment and samplers, and had instead made extensive use of a vast array of acoustic instruments which he had painstakingly recorded and processed into nine very impressive pieces.

In the next few months, the tracks from In D were handed over to a number of artists for them to offer their vision of Arandel’s music. The results were collected into two digital EPs, which have now been compiled, with additional remixes, into this companion to the original album. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Mar 7th 2011 09:49 pm


Arandel goes a long way to protect his identity, from performing behind a sheet to posing for publicity shot whilst wearing a mask. With his first album, In D, released last year on InFiné, he aimed to create a techno-infused record using only sounds of real instruments which he had sampled himself. Followed a string of remix digital EPs which are now about to be collected onto an album, due to be released in the coming weeks. Here, he talks about the need to remain anonymous, the challenges of working with real instruments, his influences and what Arandel could be like as a live formation. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Dec 19th 2010 08:49 pm

The 2010 Review

As 2010 bows out, it is time to look back on a year that has been rich in new music, some from very well established artists, and some from entirely new comers. Here are themilkfactory’s twenty favourite records of the year, and this year for the first time, this list is augmented with thirty other records that have marked the year.

With no less than four albums in the top 20, the year belonged to Rune Grammofon, and more particularly to Supersilent, who occupy two places, including the top spot. Room40 also place two albums in the twenty best records on 2010, while new imprints Desire Path, Hibernate and Textura also feature with some strong releases.
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ARANDEL: In D (InFiné)

themilkman on Jun 18th 2010 01:19 am

Arandel: In D

In D
InFiné 2010
09 Tracks. 51mins26secs

Amazon UK: CD iTunes: DLD

Who, or what, is Arandel is something of a mystery, and every effort is made to blur the track as much as possible, all, we are informed on the entity’s myspace page, to ‘let the music take centre stage’. All the press release lets out is that Arandel is a ‘he’, and reading between the lines also leads to think that this could be the more extreme project of an already established artist, a singer-songwriter perhaps. Anonymity is nothing new on the electronic music scene of course, although it is not quite as much of a common occurrence as it once was. One can argue that putting the music before the person is really what making music is all about, although anonymity can often be an act of vanity in itself as it cultivates interest way beyond the music. Fundamentally, who, or what, is Arandel doesn’t matter much. That Arandel’s debut is quite simply a blindingly brilliant affair very much does though. Continue Reading »

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