SUN HAMMER: A Dream In Blood (Futuresequence)

themilkman on Mar 16th 2012 01:09 am

Sun Hammer: A Dream In Blood

A Dream In Blood
Futuresequence 2012
05 Tracks. 40mins49secs

Already responsible for a handful of releases on Moodgadget as A Setting Sun, Michigan-based sound artist Jay Bodley recently made an appearance as Sun Hammer on the Futuresequence free compilation Sequence1 published last year, and has since contributed to two more volumes ahead of the release of A Dream In Blood.

The cover of this album depicts a rocky formation, a section of a mountain perhaps, under clouded nocturnal skies. Whilst this echoes the artwork on Radere’s recent release for the label and that of Widesky’s forthcoming album, and establishes Futuresequence’s visual identity, it also captures the essence of Bodley’s music pretty well. Continue Reading »

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RADERE: I’ll Make You Quiet (Futuresequence)

themilkman on Feb 2nd 2012 01:25 am

Radere: I'll Make You Quiet

I’ll Make You Quiet
Futuresequence 2012
05 Tracks. 46mins40secs

The solo project of Boulder, CO-based sound artist Carl Ritger, who has been experimenting with sounds and textures for the best part of ten years, Radere first materialised three years ago with a series of remixes, compilation appearances and collaborations, followed by releases on Full Spectrum, Install Sound or Moodgadget over the last couple of years. I’ll Make You Quiet, published in digital format, is the debut release from Futuresequence as it makes the transition, or rather expands, from blog to record label.

As Radere, Ritger creates sprawling organic soundscapes which develop over long periods of time. Continue Reading »

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