I/DEX: Layers (Lagunamuch Records)

themilkman on Jan 26th 2010 01:06 am

I/Dex: Layers

Lagunamuch Records 2009
09 Tracks. 50mins53secs

Behind the rather cold and clinical sounding I/Dex hides Vitaly Harmash, a musician hailing from the industrial city of Novopolotsk in northern Belorussia, who began to experiment with electronic music in the mid-nineties. A first album, Seqsextend, appeared on Ukrainian imprint Nexsound in 2003, and while Harmash has since worked with a handful of musicians, including a collaboration with Pole for the Connections project released on ~Scape last year, he has until now remained largely unknown in Western Europe.

Spanning just over fifty minutes, Layers, Harmash’s second album, is a particularly exquisite collection of brittle electronica, built around nine pieces woven into each other to form a perfectly coherent whole. Continue Reading »

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