KODOMO: Frozen In Motion (Kodomo Music)

themilkman on Oct 13th 2011 10:07 pm

Kodomo: Frozen In Motion

Frozen In Motion
Kodomo Music 2011
12 Tracks. 43mins58secs

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The solo project of New York-based artist Chris Child, Kodomo first materialised in the early 2000s with sporadic remixes, but his first proper release came in 2007 with a digital-only single on 5 Points Records, followed a year later with Child’s debut album, Still Life, on the same label. Each one of the nine tracks featured on the album was inspired by a photograph taken in various places around the globe, Child then building on the visual aspect to develop his compositions.

Partly carrying on the theme, the CD version of Kodomo’s second opus, limited to five hundred copies, comes with a series of atmospheric photographs taken by New York-based artist Brian Graf. Continue Reading »

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