LUCIANO MAGGIORE & FRANCESCO ‘FUZZ’ BRASSINI: Chàsm’ Achanès (Huge Abyss) (Boring Machines)

themilkman on Mar 11th 2011 01:33 am

Luciano Maggiore & Francesco 'fuzz' Brasini: Chàsm’ Achanès (Huge Abyss)

Chàsm’ Achanès (Huge Abyss)
Boring Machines 2011
01 Track. 35mins46secs

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Foghorns are not a usual source of inspiration in music, yet it seems to be exactly what Italian experimental musicians Luciano Maggiore and Francesco ‘fuzz’ Brasini had in mind for the base concept for this collaborative effort.

Recorded in one take, with Maggiore on electronics and tape recorders, and Brasini on guitars, of the home made variety, in Cesena, a small town on the north-east coast of Italy, Chàsm’ Achanés counts just one thirty five minute track over which hangs the sombre rumbling tone of a loud recurring drone, drenched in reverbs, akin to a foghorn warning ships of an invisible hazard. Continue Reading »

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