COPPE’ + NIKAKOI: Rays (Mango & Sweet Rice)

themilkman on Apr 11th 2012 01:19 am

Coppe' + Nikakoi: Rays

Mango & Sweet Rice 2012
13 Tracks. 61mins01secs

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Never one to rest on her laurels, the self-professed ‘legendary godmother of Japanese electronica’ Coppe’ continues on her own unique journey, this time with Georgian electronic Nikakoi with whom she teams up for the entirety of this latest album. Coppe’ has made a habit of confronting her sonic universe with that of countless musicians and sound artists from all over the world, from the famous (Plaid, DJ Vadim, Atomâ„¢) to the totally unknown, often bringing them together on a single album. Rarely has she taken a collaboration over a whole album; in fact, the last time it happened was back in 2002 with Mercury, which she recorded with The Program, and Papa, My Buddha with long term friend Ryan Breen. Continue Reading »

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COPPE’ vs. BIT-PHALANX: Yogurt (Bit Phalanx/Mango & Sweet Rice)

themilkman on Sep 30th 2011 01:12 am

Coppe' vs. Bit-Phalanx: Yogurt

Bit-Phalanx/Mango & Sweet Rice 2011
17 Tracks. 80mins25secs

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According to the proverb, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. In the case of this project, curated by Japanese songstress Coppe’ and London-based collective Bit-Phalanx, there are no less than seventeen different ways to present just one song. The idea of this remix venture began some months ago when members of the collective met Coppe’. Rapidly, the thought of a remix project grew and the idea of involving a wide range of artists, some who have previously worked with Coppe’ (Terminal 11, Kettel), some who haven’t (Minotaur Shock, Mrs Jynx, Kelli Ali) as well as individual Bit-Phalanx members, and the cause served by this was all too obvious. Continue Reading »

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COPPE': Artificial Insemination (Mango & Sweet Rice)

themilkman on Sep 24th 2010 01:11 am

Coppé: Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination
Mango & Sweet Rice 2010
15 Tracks. 72mins18secs

Amazon UK: DLD US: DLD iTunes: DLD

Despite what the album title may suggest, the work of Japanese songstress Coppe’ is never anything else than truly organic. A serial collaborative artist, she enjoys nothing more than confronting her own sonic universe with that of the cream of the electronic world and up and coming talents. She has done so on every single of her eleven albums to date, and her latest, Artificial Insemination, published on her own Mango & Sweet Rice imprint, is no different. Continue Reading »

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COPPE': Fi-lamenté (Mango & Sweet Rice)

themilkman on Jul 20th 2007 10:52 pm

Coppé: Fi-lamenté

Mango & Sweet Rice 2007
19 Tracks. 77mins06secs

Coppe’ has been delivering her finely tuned miniature epics with astonishing regularity since her debut self-titled album was released in the late nineties, working with an ever increasing circle of friends and collaborators along the way. After spending a few years in Arizona and Hawaii, Coppe’ returned to Japan in 2002 following the death of her father and has since established her Mango & Sweet Rice imprint in Tokyo, where she has also been seen regularly performing live.

Following last year’s double anniversary album 9+10, which collected rare tracks and remixes as well as new tracks, Coppe’ could have opted for a well-deserved rest, but instead, she got straight back in the studio to work on her eleventh album. Continue Reading »

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