MARVEL MACHINE: Volt/Revolt / LORD KELVIN: Radio Has No Future (Gigafon)

themilkman on Oct 31st 2011 01:09 am

Marvel Machine: Volt/Revolt Lord Kelvin: Radio Has No Future

Gigafon 2011
11 Tracks. 50mins28secs

Radio Has No Future
Gigafon 2011
16 Tracks. 41mins33secs

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Norwegian guitarist Petter Vågan may be a member of many formations, but his latest project is of a somewhat different stature. Together with drummer and percussionist Gard Nilssen, he set up Gigafon with a focus on contemporary jazz and improv, and the label’s first two releases give them both the opportunity to showcase some very different strands of their work.

With Marvel Machine, Vågan heads a trio formed of Rune Nergaard (bass/electronics) and Henning Carlsen (drums/electronics). Hailing from Trondhiem, the three regularly perform in a number of formations each, but with this project, they aim to combine elements of avant rock, pop music, jazz, improvisation and electronica into a coherent whole. Entirely improvised, Volt/Revolt is quite a complex and at times difficult affair, more likened to noise and experimental rock than to jazz. Continue Reading »

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