RETINA.IT: Descending Into Crevasse (Glacial Movements Records)

themilkman on Jun 15th 2012 01:50 am Descending Into Crevasse

Descending Into Crevasse
Glacial Movements 2012
06 Tracks. 52mins42secs

Amazon UK: CD | DLD US: CD | DLD Boomkat: CD | DLD iTunes: DLD, the Neapolitan duo formed of Nicola Buono and Lino Monaco, ordinarily assemble extremely intricate and gritty records which place them at the sharpest edge of electronic music, but, their latest sonic excursion is quite a different offering altogether. Published on Italian isolationist imprint Glacial Movements, purveyor of sub-zero desolate ambient since 2006, Descending Into Crevasse is an extremely contemplative collection, its components, almost entirely devoid of beats, crystallised into slowly looping patterns which occasionally disappear down incredibly vast reverbs. Described as a theoretical journey down ice crevasses, a metaphor for human introspection, Descending Into Crevasse is quite a departure for the duo whose releases on Hefty, Mousiklab or Flatemate have, until now, largely demonstrated a strong appetite for textured electronica.

Although they partly subscribe to Glacial Movements’ isolationist theory, opt for a slightly more refined and open-ended approach for much of this album. Continue Reading »

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RETINA.IT: Randomicon (FlatMate Music)

themilkman on May 17th 2011 01:36 am Randomicon

FlatMate Music 2011
11 Tracks. 49mins07secs

Amazon UK: CD iTunes: DLD

NMOAROIDNC ITRTIN.EA. CIRNAODMNO TAIITN.TE. ORIANNCDOM RANIIE.TT. Whichever way the letters are ordered on the cover of this album, each of the five hundred copies of the latest opus will be totally unique. Released on fledging Spanish imprint FlatMate Music, Randomicon is the fourth album from the Italian duo formed of Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono. And this latest offering, their first album since Semeion, published on Hefty four years ago, is a rather different affair from its predecessors. While on previous outings, have largely favoured refined minimal electronic textures, Randomicon showcases a much more abrupt and extreme approach, at times reminiscent of some of the claustrophobic post-industrial ambiences distilled by Pan Sonic. Continue Reading »

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RETINA.IT: Semeion (Hefty Records)

themilkman on Jul 10th 2007 09:20 pm

Retina.IT: Semeion

Hefty Records 2007
13 Tracks. 69mins21secs

Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono first met in the mid nineties while they were both DJs in a club in Naples, Italy. They began making music as the Qmen, before turning to more experimental musical forms as Retina.IT. This resulted in a first series of EPs and an album, Volcano Waves 1-8, for Chicago imprint Hefty, all published in 2001. Since, there have been sporadic releases, including a few compilation appearances, a handful of remixes, an album released under the Resina moniker, and a second, self-titled album, released in 2003 and 2004 respectively, on their own Mousike Lab imprint. Continue Reading »

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