PETE SWANSON/RENE HELL: Waiting For The Ladies (Shelter Press)

themilkman on Mar 9th 2012 01:19 am

Pete Swanson/Rene Hell: Waiting For The Ladies

Waiting For The Ladies
Shelter Press 2012
04 Tracks. 31mins02secs

Boomkat: LP

Originally self-released on a vinyl run of just 250 copies in 2010, this split album from Yellow Swan’s Pete Swanson and Rene Hell is getting a welcome re-issue, again for a very limited run (520 copies this time) on Brussels-based imprint Shelter Press. Composed of four tracks, three of which the work of kosmische purveyor Rene Hell (Jeffrey Witscher), the side-long fourth, which opens the proceedings here, from Swanson. After a first salvo of typically distorted noise through which his voice occasionally filters out, Swanson settles for a much quieter set of textures and cyclical patterns which slowly gains in granularity throughout the rest of its course, but steers clear of the dense clusters of feedback he often displays on his records. Continue Reading »

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