STIMMING: Liquorice (Diynamic Music)

themilkman on Mar 16th 2011 12:29 am

Stimming: Liquorice

Diynamic Music 2011
13 Tracks. 42mins17secs

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Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Martin Stimming first appeared in 2006 as one half of Gebrüder Ton, a duo also formed of Alexander Kübler, with whom he released a number of EPs, then later as part of Orli & Martie, with Oliver Brusch, before eventually going it alone. In the last four years Stimming has published a number of EPs, mostly for Diynamic, which showed a taste for classic linear laid back techno grooves and stripped down soundscapes. These were further developed on his debut album, Reflections (2009).

There is almost nothing of his usual clean cut minimal techno on his latest offering. Instead, he adopts a much looser set up based around extremely diverse sound sources and field recordings. Continue Reading »

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