STRIË: Sléptis (Soundscaping Records)

themilkman on Dec 14th 2010 01:13 am

Strië: Sléptis

Soundscaping Records 2010
10 Tracks. 56mins26secs

Norman Records: CD

Who exactly is Iden Reinhart, the artist hiding behind Strië, is something of a tightly kept secret. While the Soundscaping website remains pretty vague about the project, we are informed that Reinhart ‘is a retired prodigy actress and cellist’ who appears to live a secluded life somewhere in a rural town in central Europe. This is certainly enough to create more than an element of intrigue around Strië, which is not dispel by the fact that she has recently been seen performing alongside Greg Haines or has contributed to Erik Skodvin’s recent album, Flare, on Sonic Pieces. Sléptis spreads its wings across modern classical, electronic soundscapes, sprinkled with light field recordings and occasionally tinted with eerie processed vocals or dislocated spoken words, and abstract jazz, never quite settling on any particular genre, but never quite intently bringing them together in one unique form of expression either. Continue Reading »

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