themilkman on Jul 16th 2010 01:27 am

Taylor Deupree: Shoals

12K 2010
04 Tracks. 45mins18secs

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Musician, sound artist, photographer, graphic designer… Taylor Deupree is above all an artist who uses a wide array of tools to document the world around him. He has collected part of his interpretations of it on several albums and countless EPs, published primarily on his own 12K imprint, but also on labels as diverse as Mille Plateaux, Spekk, Fällt, Plop, Room40 and Raster-Noton. Beside his solo projects, Deupree has also published a number of collaborative works with artists such as Christopher Willits, Kenneth Kirschner, Solo Andata, Savvas Ysatis or Stephane Mathieu. It has been three years since his last album, Northern, was published, and although he has been far from inactive during that time (he has released a number of shorter formats), Shoals is his first full length release since. Continue Reading »

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:PAPERCUTZ: Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks) (Audiobulb Records)

themilkman on May 12th 2010 01:00 am

:Papercutz: Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)

Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)
Audiobulb Records 2010
12 Tracks. 57mins53secs

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Originally the project of Porto-based musician Bruno Miguel Pereira Pinto, :Papercutz soon expanded to incorporate vocalist Melissa Veras, with other musicians joining the pair for live performances. Released two years ago on Canadian imprint Apegenine, Lylac, the band’s first album, bridged the gap between stark atmospheric electronica and elegant contemporary pop music to create a superb hybrid, served by Pinto’s delicate blend of acoustic instrumentation, electronic textures and beats on one side, and by Veras’s softly ethereal vocal tones, occasionally reminiscent of Anneli Drecker, on the other. The album was followed by a single, Ultravioleta, which featured remixes by The Sight Below, Neotropic, Spandex and Signer. This is partly what encouraged Pinto to let other musicians give their own vision of his work. The resulting collection of remixes, published on Audiobulb, features reworks by Helios, Simon Scott, Taylor Deupree, He Can Jog, Autistici, Astroboy, Chris Bissonnette, Jasper TX,  Rameses III, Emanuele Errante and Feu Follet. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Aug 10th 2009 12:37 am

Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree: Transcriptions

Spekk 2009
08 Tracks. 48mins53secs

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Neither Stephan Mathieu nor Taylor Deupree need any introduction, so extensive and emblematic their respective work is. While both are serial collaborative workers, this is the first time they have brought their sound worlds together and collaborated on a common project, quite a surprising fact if considered that they are united not only by a similar passion for sound, but also by a common interest in graphic design and photography.

The starting point of this project is Mathieu’s use of wax cylinders, an ancestor of the vinyl record, and 78s, playing the cylinders through two portable gramophones and recording them straight on the computer via a microphone, processing the recordings in real time. From there on, Deupree added guitar textures and old synthesizers to give the original sound sources a warmer glow. Continue Reading »

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: 1 | Favourite Places (Audiobulb Records)

Max Schaefer on May 8th 2008 09:21 pm

V/A: Favourite Places

1 | Favourite Places
Audiobulb Records 2008
10Tracks. 54mins04secs

A foray into the psychological swamp of today’s practitioners of experimental electronica, the simple though direct and ultimately telling quality of the question that underlies this compilation shines through the ensuing compositions like light through a stained glass window. “What is your favorite place in the world?” the label asks and Aaron Ximm, Taylor Deupree, Biosphere, and Leafcutter John, amongst others, are those who give voice to their private sentiments on the matter.

Apart from the aural evidence provided, each artist scrawls a brief gambit concerning their selection, where the sounds are protruding from and why it seems pertinent. It is pulled off with poise and a certain sense of importance, and this makes it something in which investments can be made, won, and lost, rather than something that asks for little and is content to be thumbed through casually. Continue Reading »

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Max Schaefer on Mar 19th 2008 11:23 pm

Solo Andata/Seaworthy/Taylor Deupree: Live In Melbourne

Live In Melbourne
12K 2008
03Tracks. 49mins.37secs

Photographer, sound artist and label manager Taylor Deupree took to recording the festivities housed under the Social Club one April night in Melbourne, Australia. With good reason, too, for the night displayed here bristles with a vast array of events, too numerous to catalogue. The sonic endeavors of Solo Andata, Seaworthy, and Deupree himself, are filtered through a refined sensibility, resulting in a work of coherent flow and balance, and, perhaps most importantly, an ephemeral elegance bound to a very real sense of time and place. Continue Reading »

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