TOMMI BASS: Gamma (Rednetic Recordings)

themilkman on Aug 26th 2009 12:32 am

Tommi Bass: Gamma

Rednetic Recordings 2009
08 Tracks. 61mins45secs

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It has been three years since London-born Tommi Bass dropped his first bombshell on Rednetic. The album, Tommi Lab Vol. 1, was followed by a second volume, released as a digital format on Rednetic’s sister net label Redose in 2007. Since, he has moved lock, stock and barrels to Berlin and spent time developing a blend of minimal techno much more in tune with the German capital than with its British counterpart.

Marking Tommi Bass’s return to Rednetic after a stint on Minimal People, Gamma showcases a much sharper and focussed sound than on his previous outings for the label, in line with his recent Purple Phaaze and Alfa Series releases. Continue Reading »

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: One Point Two: More Digital Listening Music From Rednetic (Rednetic Recordings)

themilkman on Jul 14th 2007 09:32 pm

Various Artists: One Point Two - More Digital Listening Music From Rednetic

One Point Two: More Digital Listening Music From Rednetic
Rednetic Recordings 2007
14 Tracks. 72mins58secs

In the last five years, London-based imprint Rednetic have delivered a steady stream of elegant electronic records. While the label’s scope has considerably expanded over the years, the focus has largely remained on classic electronica. The label was set up in 2002 by Mark Streatfield and Joseph Auer, and the first release was Streatfield’s debut album as Zainetica, Escaping Dust. Since, Auer, who had then moved from London to Tokyo, released the Kyoto Tokyo 2001 EP, and further releases by Utility Player, The Vizier Of Damascus, Inigo Kennedy, Tommy Bass and Boltfish co-founders Will ‘Cheju’ Bolton and Murray ‘Mint’ Fisher, amongst others, have firmly established the label as one of London’s best imprints. Continue Reading »

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