MORITZ VON OSWALD TRIO: Fetch (Honest Jon’s Record)

themilkman on Jul 13th 2012 01:27 am

Moritz Von Oswald Trio: Fetch

Honest Jon’s Records 2012
04 Tracks. 50mins43secs

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Moritz Von Oswald, Max Loderbauer and Sasu Ripatti reconvene for a third time, and once again, the mood is subdued and quietly hypnotic, carried by elegant stripped down grooves and vast and airy sonic landscapes. Like its predecessors, Fetch is split into four tracks clocking at anything from seven to seventeen and a half minutes. The basis for this album was recorded at the end of the summer last year during a four hour improv session which saw the core trio joined by Mark Muellbauer (bass) and Tobias Freund ((live electronics and effects). The recordings were later processed by Von Oswald who added contributions from Jonas Shoen (flute, clarinet and saxophone) and Sebastian Studnitzky (trumpet).

More so than its predecessors, Fetch is an intriguing record, which appear to draw on darker tones as it progresses. Continue Reading »

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SISTOL: On The Bright Side / Sistol (Remasters & Remakes) (Halo Cyan Records)

themilkman on Sep 16th 2010 01:31 am

Sistol: On The Bright Side Sistol: Sistol (Remasters & Remakes)

On The Bright Side
Halo Cyan Records/Phthalo Records 2010
08 Tracks. 54mins37secs

Sistol (Remasters & Remakes)
Halo Cyan Records/Phthalo Records 2010
19 Tracks. 118mins24secs

On The Bright Side: Amazon UK: DLD US: DLD iTunes: DLD

Finnish musician and producer Sasu Ripatti is not one for lounging around and sleeping on his laurels. He juggles quite a wide range of consecutive projects, some his own (Vladislav Delay, Luomo, Uusitalo), others collaborative (Vladislav Delay Quartet, Moritz von Oswald Trio, The Dolls or AGF/Delay, the duo with his life partner Antye Greie-Fuchs), all focussing on different aspects of music. So, the addition of one more is in no way surprising, and neither is it surprising than Sistol has its own identity and language, away from his other projects.

Sistol is not actually a new addition to Ripatti’s ever expanding portfolio, but one that made a short apparition twelve years ago, when he released a very limited collection of ascetic minimal techno on Brooklyn-based Phthalo Records. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Dec 13th 2009 07:52 pm

The 2009 Review

Twelve months compiled into just twenty albums. From the thousands of records released each year, it is difficult to get even a handful on the site, and even more difficult to decide which ones were the best of the lot. This is however the twenty albums that have marked 2009 for themilkfactory.

Continue Reading »

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Food/Vladislav Delay/Eyebrow, Union Chapel, Islington, London, 12/11/2009

themilkman on Nov 13th 2009 01:07 am

Food/Vladislav Delay/Eyebrow, Union Chapel, Islington, London, 12/11/2009

Pete Judge and Paul Wigens form Eyebrow, a trumpet and drums duo which is found somewhere on the cool headed side of jazz. With pretty impressive CVs under their respective belts, each having performed alongside the likes of Super Furry Animal, Cousteau or Natasha Atlas, the pair were first to take the stage at the Union Chapel this rainy November evening. In the twenty minutes or so of their set, Eyebrow created a rather impressive series of jazz-infused tracks. Judge, on trumpet, assisted by a delay pedal borrowed from Vladislav Delay, and a few effects, provided the melodic structure, often in light floating strips, over Wigens rather delicate drumming. Continue Reading »

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VLADISLAV DELAY: Tummaa (The Leaf Label)

themilkman on Aug 13th 2009 01:08 am

Vladislav Delay: Tummaa

The Leaf Label 2009
07 Tracks. 66mins03secs

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In over ten years, Finnish dub master Sasu Ripatti has, under the Vladislav Delay banner, created one of the most consistent body of work on the electronic scene, releasing music on labels such as Mille Plateaux, Chain Reaction, Staubgold or his own, Huume. In recent years, Ripatti’s increasing involvement with other projects has slowed down the flow of releases of his flagship project, the last Delay album, Whistleblower, dating back to 2007. Having joined the ranks of The Leaf Label, Ripatti is back with his most ambitious record to date.

With Tummaa, Ripatti has taken a rather different path, ditching the electronic overcoat of previous work and replacing it with acoustic instruments and has, for the first time, brought on board two additional musicians to bring his haunting soundscapes and beats to life. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Aug 9th 2009 10:20 pm


Finnish artist Sasu Ripatti returns with his latest album as Vladislav Delay, his most emblematic project, and this time, it is a primarily acoustic record. Recorded with British composer Craig Armstrong and Argentinean musician Lucio Capece, Tummaa is opening up a new chapter in Ripatti’s work. We take this opportunity to ask the man about the new direction with this project, his return to drumming and his other projects, including working with Jake Shears on his last Luomo album and his part in the Moritz Von Oswald Trio project. Continue Reading »

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AGF/DELAY: Symptoms (BPtich Control)

themilkman on May 15th 2009 01:04 am

AGF/Delay: Symptoms

BPicth Control 2009
12 Tracks. 56mins14secs

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Four years on from their previous outing as an creative couple, Antye ‘AGF’ Greie and her life companion Sasu ‘Vadislav Delay’ Ripatti rekindled their collaborative project and serve another slice of angular space-age pop, where clean cut electronics and dub-infused moods form a warm and vibrant cocoon for AGF’s ice-cool breathy vocals and miniature tales of every day life.

The pair’s first collaborations were documented on Explode, an album released on AGF’s own imprint, and was rapidly followed with a second collaboration, this time between the pair and composer Craig Armstrong, as The Dolls. Since, both have been busy on various solo projects and productions jobs. Symptoms returns to the original AGF/Delay template and give it a new definition. Continue Reading »

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VLADISLAV DELAY – Multila (Huume Recordings)

Max Schaefer on Aug 17th 2007 01:03 pm

Vladislav Delay: Multila

Huume Recordings 2007
07 Tracks. 71mins87secs

For over ten some odd years now, Vladislav Delay has been exploiting a simple collection of elements – dub, techno, ambient – and the different sets one can form out of them. In so doing, paradoxes and inconsistencies set in – on no seldom occasion, they were coddled, understood, and integrated, but at yet others, they remained an antagonistic challenge, representing a crisis and critique that sustained, on Sasu Ripatti’s part, an endless sliding from one motif to another. Continue Reading »

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