THE BLACK DOG: Vexing EP (Soma Quality Recordings)


Posted on Mar 4th 2009 02:02 am

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The Black Dog: Vexing EP

Vexing EP
Soma Quality Recordings 2009
03 Tracks. 17mins36secs
Format: 12″/Digital

In recent years, The Black Dog have appeared rejuvenated and has found a new energy and dimension in brother Martin and Richard Dust, delivering albums and EPs with the confidence Ken Downie demonstrated in the early nineties. With a new album, Further Vexations, ready to be unleashed, the trio launch a first missive with this three track EP comprising of two tracks (0093 and You’re Only SQL) lifted from the album and beefed up to dance floor musculature, plus a third exclusive ambient piece, Plinth.

Downie and crew have always  favoured the gracious flow of Detroit style techno, but these days, the edge, on EPs at least, while still retaining a strong sense of texture and atmosphere, is a bit sharper. This is certainly the case with the Berlin mix of 0093, which kicks off here. Beyond its minimal appearance and linear beat hides a relentless groove driven by a heart-stopping bass, which never falters during the nearly eight minutes of the mix. Over this occasionally hangs a swift little melody, which, despite its fleeting aspect, contributes to the alienating effect of the track. You’re Only SQL is even harsher in its BCN guise as it circles around rarefied melodic and atmospheric debris, stomping moodily to the beat, throwing electric discharges up and down the spine with each new step. Plinth in comparison is a heavenly piece the way The Black Dog know how to create. in just two and a half minutes, the trio create a subtle and delicate little vignette bathed in warm glowing light.

Beside the strong narrative of their full lengths, The Black Dog have consistently revealed much sharper and immediate tones and forms with their EPs, and this latest offering is no exception. Offering a first reading of their forthcoming album, the trio show once again that they are still very much at the top of their game.


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