PETER BRODERICK: Music For Confluence (Erased Tapes)

themilkman on Dec 1st 2011 01:33 am

Peter Broderick: Music For Confluence

Music For Confluence
Erased Tapes 2011
13 Tracks. 46mins10secs

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Peter Broderick continues to defy conventions with his latest release for Erased Tapes as he brings together various strands of his musical persona. Composed to accompany the documentary film Confluence, directed by Jennifer Anderson and Vernon Lott, Music For Confluence constantly shifts from beautifully crafted piano pieces to swelling orchestral motifs and folk-tinted compositions to create a truly cinematic soundtrack.

Confluence documents five mysterious disappearances which took place in the small town of Lewiston, Idaho, situated at the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake rivers, between 1979 and 1982, of which only three bodies were ever found. Continue Reading »

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: SMM: Context (Ghostly International)

themilkman on Mar 25th 2011 01:49 am

Various Artists: SMM: Context

SMM: Context
Ghostly International 2011
11 Tracks. 64mins52secs

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Anchored in Ann Arbor, a stone throw away from the Mecca of techno, Detroit, Ghostly International has, in the twelve years it has been operating, continuously ventured in and out of the dance culture and reached out into pop, ambient, hip-hop or experimental works by expanding its roster to include the likes of Schools Of Seven Bells, Syntaks, Tycho, Lusine, Dabrye, The Sight Below, Twine or Christopher Willits. While still very much an enigmatic acronym, the term SMM was apparently coined in 2004 by Ghostly to define the then emerging breed of music mixing classical forms with contemporary ambient electronica, a genre which has since been the forte of Miasmah in Norway, and less exclusively, Type in the UK.

The first in a new yearly compilation series from Ghostly, SMM: Context gathers a number of familiar names and attempts to chart a genre which boundaries are, almost by definition, somewhat hazy. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Dec 13th 2009 07:52 pm

The 2009 Review

Twelve months compiled into just twenty albums. From the thousands of records released each year, it is difficult to get even a handful on the site, and even more difficult to decide which ones were the best of the lot. This is however the twenty albums that have marked 2009 for themilkfactory.

Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Dec 11th 2009 12:50 am

Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek: Blank Grey Canvas Sky

Blank Grey Canvas Sky
Fang Bomb 2009
06 Tracks. 42mins23secs

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Grey Canvas Sky is the second time that Rotterdam-based sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt and Peter Broderick, who shares his time between Portland, OR, Coppenhagen and Berlin, have worked on a release, but while the first, Huis, was a record by Machinefabriek on which Broderick was lending a hand, this new collection was conceived as a combined project from the off. And, despite their respective sonic universes being somewhat different, Broderick occupying the classical and folk end of the musical landscape while Zuydervelt’s is usually found crafting cinematic drone, processed guitars and electronics, the resulting collaborative effort is a totally effortless and immersive piece of contemporary music. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Oct 20th 2009 12:52 am


Performing Parades
The Leaf Label 2009
11 Tracks. 56mins31secs

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When they released their second album, Parades, back in October 2007, Danish formation Efterklang probably had very little idea that they would literally live on it for two years. Right from the onset, Efterklang have truly come to life performing live, and this was undoubtedly key in their moving from the largely electronic textures of their early releases toward much more acoustic and instrument-based. Their 2007 mini album Under Giant Trees, recorded while the band were on tour, established the blueprint for Parades, released a few months later. A much more ambitious effort than its predecessor, Tripper, published in 2004, the album was recorded with a number of additional contributors, including Peter Broderick and Our Broken Garden’s Anna Brønsted, together with a variety of formations and choirs. Continue Reading »

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PETER BRODERICK: 4 Track Songs (Type Recordings)

themilkman on Oct 13th 2009 12:52 am

Peter Broderick: 4 Track Songs

4 Track Songs
Type Recordings 2009
25 Tracks. 52mins41secs

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It’s just over two years since Peter Broderick’s debut mini album, Docile, was released on Kning Disk. Since, this prolific musician has released music on Bella Union, Erased Tapes, Secret Furry Hole and Digitalis. His most recent outputs, Music From Falling Trees and Five Film Score Outtakes, showcased his wonderfully airy and fluid classical work, but he is equally at ease with folk and pop songs. As the title suggests, this latest output, once again on Type, consists exclusively of songs recorded on tape, captured as and when they took shape, when Broderick was still pretty unknown, originally collected on two CDRs which were then sent to Type in the hope of getting him noticed. Continue Reading »

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PETER BRODERICK: Music For Falling From Trees (Erased Tapes)

themilkman on May 22nd 2009 12:55 am

Peter Broderick: Music For Falling From Trees

Music For Falling From Trees
Erased Tapes 2009
07 Tracks. 28mins46secs

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In just over a year, Peter Broderick has gone from largely unknown to highly respected composer and musician. Beside publishing two albums last year, the classical-orientated Float, on Type, then Home, on Bella Union, on which he showcased his folk compositions, as well as an-all piano exercise, Docile, on Kning Disk, Broderick has been busy touring all over Europe and the US as part of Danish avant-folksters Efterklang.

His latest project sees him returning to modern classical composition. Music For Falling From Trees is a half hour piece written for a contemporary dance production created by London-based choreograph Adrienne Hart. Continue Reading »

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PETER BRODERICK: Home (Hush Records/Bella Union)

themilkman on Nov 14th 2008 01:43 am

Peter Broderick: Home

Hush Recordings/Bella Union 2008
10 Tracks. 40mins03secs

For the last year or so, home for Peter Broderick has been Copenhagen, where he was originally invited to move from his native Portland, OR, to join Efterklang as part of their extended tour family in his quality of violinist and multi-instrumentist, providing him with a splendid opportunity to showcase his own work by regularly opening for them too. Meanwhile, he was commissioned a mini-album of instrumental piano pieces by the excellent Swedish imprint Kning Disk, resulting in Docile, which was published a few months ahead of Float, Broderick’s debut album, released on Type earlier this year.

But while both Docile and Float were concerned with overly classical compositions, Home is carved from a different type of wood. Here, Broderick collects ten delicate folk songs built from essentially acoustic instrumentation. Continue Reading »

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PETER BRODERICK: Float (Type Recordings)

themilkman on May 8th 2008 01:01 am

Peter Broderick: Float

Type Recordings 2008
10 Tracks. 35mins46secs

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, multi-instrumentist Peter Broderick moved to Copenhagen in the second half of last year when Danish folksters extraordinaire Efterklang invited him to join their touring caravan following the release of their excellent Parades. Not one to miss a golden opportunity, Broderick dropped everything and took his quarters in the Danish capital, and has spent the last six months criss-crossing Europe as part of the band as well as alternating opening slots with Danish singer Anna Brønsted, aka Our Broken Garden.

Following Broderick’s debut single, released on Type last year, and a limited edition mini album of solo piano works, Docile, released last November on Swedish imprint Kning Disk, Float collects ten compositions which expands on the delicate pieces of Docile to incorporate voluptuous orchestral swathes and other instrumental textures. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on May 1st 2008 10:27 pm

Interview: Peter Broderick

Originally hailing from Portland, Oregon, multi-instrumentist Peter Broderick currently resides in Copenhagen, where he moved to toward the end of last year after Efterklang inviting him to join the band for the tour that followed the release of Parades, their album of last year. Broderick has recently released a beautiful mini album on Swedish imprint Kning Disk entirely made of instrumental piano compositions, and his debut album, Float, is about to be released on Type. We caught up with him as he was about to embark on yet another leg of the Efterklang tour to talk about the multiple facets of his work, living in Europe, recording on a shoe string and endorsing a one-man band persona on stage. Continue Reading »

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PETER BRODERICK: Docile – Solo Piano Series Vol. 1 (Kning Disk)

themilkman on Feb 5th 2008 01:22 am

Peter Broderick: Docile - Solo Piano Vol. 1

Docile: Solo Piano Series Vol. 1
Kning Disk 2007
10 Tracks. 26mins58secs

Peter Broderick recently charmed audiences across Europe, joining Efterklang as part of their tour formation (violin) and opening for them, showcasing his incredibly versatile musicianship by playing everything from piano and guitar to violin and musical saw, using tape loops to build delicate and moving pieces rooted in classical music, folk or rock.

Originally hailing from Portland, Oregon, Broderick currently lives in Copenhagen. While he is due to release his first album proper later on in the spring on Type, Broderick recently collected ten piano compositions for a limited CD release on Swedish imprint Kning Disk. Coming at just under half an hour, Docile is a short, often intriguing, and always captivating work, with sumptuous melancholic undertones and beautifully intricate melodies. Continue Reading »

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Efterklang, Bush Hall, London 23/11/2007

themilkman on Nov 27th 2007 01:42 am

Efterklang live

The Efterklang caravan stopped in London’s Bush Hall on Friday, as part of their two-week-long tour of the UK. Taking their Parades album, released a couple of months ago, on an extensive international tour, the Danish quintet and their troops couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate venue. Formerly known as the Carlton Dance Hall, Bush Hall, in the heart of West London’s Sheppard’s Bush, was built at the beginning of the twentieth Century by William F. Hurndall, a publisher, as a gift for one of his daughters. It has since been a soup kitchen during the Second World War, and was, in the fifties and sixties, turned into a bingo hall and amusement arcade, before being turned into a concert venue at the turn of the millennium. The highly ornate ceilings and walls have been preserved, and grand chandeliers offer a testament to the place’s former grandeur. Continue Reading »

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