PROEM: Enough Conflict (n5MD)

themilkman on Aug 23rd 2010 01:08 am

Proem: Enough Conflict

Enough Conflict
n5MD 2010
14 Tracks. 50mins23secs

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In the ten years or so since he first appeared on the music scene, Proem’s Richard Bailey has contributed releases to quite a few labels, from Hydrant and Monotonik to En:peg Digital and Nonresponse, but he has always returned to California-based n5MD, publishing four albums through them, one of which still only available as a MiniDisc, harking back to the original nature of the label.

One of the main qualities of Bailey’s work is the way he maintains a fine balance between melody and abstraction, yet, his last album, Till There’s No Breath, released last year on Nonresponse, investigated much dark terrains than usual. Continue Reading »

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