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INTERVIEW (2002): LFO Low Frequency Opportunist

themilkman on Oct 13th 2014 09:02 pm

Tonight, Monday 13th October 2014, the news of Mark Bell’s untimely death, apparently from complications following a medical procedure, has been confirmed by Warp Records.

Mark contacted me a good few years ago, completely out of the blue, to tell me he liked themilkfactory and to encourage me to ‘keep up the good work’. I was so taken back that I couldn’t believe it could in any way be THE Mark Bell, but I soon got confirmation from Warp that the address the email came from was indeed his. I plucked up the courage to ask him for an interview, which he very kindly accepted. I sent him a bunch of questions, and he replied very quickly, and generously, and sent a picture of him playing with a robot dog, which his girlfriend had taken the weekend before. A few weeks later, he invited me to come to a big Warp part at Electrowerks 2, where he was playing. After his set, I got to meet him, and we ended up chatting about quite a few things, including sailing on lakes around Leeds. Mark Bell was an extremely generous and kind artist, and although themilkfactory is no longer around, I am reviving it briefly today to republish this interview. RIP Mark, you are a true legend, and a true gentleman.

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