ANDREA MARUTTI/FAUSTO BALBO: Detrimental Dialogue (AFE Records/Boring Machines/Fratto9 Under The Sky)

themilkman on Nov 9th 2010 01:35 am

Andrea Marutti/Fausto Balbo: Detrimental Dialogue

Detrimental Dialogue
AFE Records/Boring Machines/Fratto9 Under The Sky 2010
04 Tracks. 48mins11secs

It could be a decaying sound source which opens Detrimental Dialogue, and in a way, it is, except that instead of progressing, this is a regressive process which takes place during the first four minutes of this album’s opening track, as pieces of sonic dust progressively gather in increasingly more coherent electronic clusters. This is only the beginning of a recurring process during which compositions slowly break down into almost insubstantial fragments and regenerate into entirely new structures. All the way through Detrimental Dialogue, Andrea Marutti and Fausto Balbo take electronic synthesis from extremely granular to concrete universal level and back. Continue Reading »

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