BUILD BUILDINGS: Ceiling Lights From Street (Ben Tweel)

themilkman on Sep 12th 2008 12:18 am

Build Buildings: Ceiling Lights From Street

Ceiling Lights From Street
Ben Tweel 2008
12 Tracks. 44mins22secs

It’s been four years since Ben Tweel’s exquisite There Is A Problem With My Tape Recorder was published, charting a series of smooth and elegant impressionist electronic landscapes. While comparisons to the likes of Four Tet or Opiate abounded, none really did justice to the wafer-thin draperies and delicate melodic formations he assembles.

With Ceiling Lights From Street, the first Build Buildings release since last year’s collaborative EP with Marlo Bright, Tweel crafts another fine collection of gentle electronica all in nuances and undertones. Continue Reading »

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BUILD BUILDINGS + MARLO BRIGHT: Isomers EP (StandardKlik Music)

themilkman on Oct 31st 2007 12:15 am

Build Buildings + Marlo Bright: Isomers EP

Isomers EP
StandardKlik Music 2007
07 Tracks. 21secs44mins
Format: MP3

There Is A Problem With My Tape Recorder announced Ben Tweel back in 2004 as a summary to his debut album, which collected twelve lovingly put together melodic pieces, built primarily from processed guitar, piano and other instruments, and arranged into short atmospheric vignettes. For his most recent effort, New York City-based Tweel has teamed up with Marlo Bright, a musician originally born in Minsk, Belarus who now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and who made his debut MP3 album, Polymers & Monomers, available for free on his own website last year.

The Isomers EP is not a collaborative effort as such, as booth contribute remixes of each other’s compositions. However, the pair tend to work from similar sound sources and, although they adopt a different process here, the result is surprisingly consistent. Continue Reading »

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