PORN SWORD TOBACCO: New Exclusive Olympic Heights (City Centre Offices)

themilkman on Jul 25th 2007 01:21 pm

Porn Sword Tobacco: New Exclusive Olympic Heights

New Exclusive Olympic Heights
City Centre Offices 2007
14 Tracks. 35mins29secs

Named after an isolated shop somewhere in his native Sweden, near the studio where he records, Porn Sword Tobacco is the musical project of Henrik Jonsson, a musician hailing from the town of Gothenburg in Southern Sweden. His eponymous debut album, delivered on German imprint City Centre Offices in 2004, introduced his delicate blend of electronic soundscapes and beautiful melodies, and its follow up, Explains Freedom, published a year later, only served to reassert his sound.

With his third album, New Exclusive Olympic Heights, Jonsson assembles his most cinematic and accessible collection of music yet, at times developing sumptuous pieces over just a minute or two, at others stretching narratives a bit longer. Continue Reading »

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