DANNY SAUL: Kinison – Goldthwait (Hibernate Recordings)

themilkman on Jan 11th 2011 01:27 am

Danny Saul: Kinison - Goldthwait

Kinison – Goldthwait
Hibernate Recordings 2010
06 Tracks. 43mins43secs

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On his debut album, released over a year ago on his own imprint, White Box Recordings, Danny Saul wove a strangely ethereal blend of experimental folk songs and heavily processed textured instrumentals, and the latter also informs his second solo album, released on the consistently excellent Hibernate imprint.

‘This album is not intended to be puzzled over – although on playback I find myself doing so’. This reflection from Saul, printed on the inside cover, shows just how complex this record is, and not solely on its musical aspect. The project, from its overall title to individual track names, is based around a feud between American stand-up comedians Sam Kinison and Bobcat Goldthwait (best known, at least outside of the US, as Zed in the Police Academy franchise) about who had stollen whose material. The dispute culminated in a heated exchange live on air during a radio show in 1988. Yet, this has actually nothing to do with the music itself. Continue Reading »

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MACHINEFABRIEK/KLEEFSTRA-BAKKER-KLEEFSTRA/LIONDIALER: That It Stays Winter Forever (White Box Recordings) / MACHINEFABRIEK: Rural Route No. 6 (Standard Form)

themilkman on Nov 16th 2010 01:41 am

Machinefabriek/Kleefstra-Bakker-Kleefstra/Liondialer: That It Stays Winter Forever Machinefabriek: Rural Route No. 6

That It Stays Winter Forever
White Box Recordings 2010
03 Tracks. 59mins32secs

Rural Route No. 6
Standard Form 2010
01 Track. 16mins57secs

Released to coincide with a series of common live dates in Tokyo, White Box Recordings have collected three exclusive tracks from Machinefabriek, Kleefstra/Bakker/Kleefstra and Liondialer, each around twenty minutes long, onto a very limited CD album (300 copies). That It Stays Winter Forever may be hinting at a cold and desolate time of the year, and each of the three compositions presented here could be interpreted as bleak and deeply introspective, yet there is a current of warmth circulating through the whole record, made more potent by the use of exquisite textures and sounds. Continue Reading »

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LIONDIALER: Live! (White Box Recordings)

themilkman on Mar 13th 2009 01:45 am

Liondialer: Live!

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White Box Recordings 2009
07 Tracks. 52mins25secs

Liondialer exist primarily as a live outfit, with a particular pledge to bring their sonic experimentation to a public who would normally not be confronted with anything quite like this, by playing outside of the usual leftfield venues circuit. This has led to their live improvisations being largely ignored, or, as the story goes, for the pair to be asked by a band due to play straight after them when they planned to start and receiving for answer a straight to the point ‘We are playing. This is our set. You’re kind of interrupting my flow’.

Formed of Greg Haines, whose debut, Slamber Tides, published on Miasmah in 2006, gathered well deserved praises, and Danny Saul, a guitarist who, beside his solo work, is also involved in a handful of formations, Liondialer have been performing live improvisations for a couple of years. Continue Reading »

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