DRUMS OFF CHAOS & JENS-UWE BEYER: Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer (Magazine)

themilkman on Feb 23rd 2011 12:45 am

Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer: Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer

Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer
Magazine 2011
04 Tracks. 42mins51secs

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One of the pioneering acts of the German experimental music scene of the seventies, alongside Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dreams, Cluster and Neu!, Can contributed extensively to the Krautrock movement during the ten years they were active, with albums such as Tago Mago (1971), Ege Bamyasi (1972) and Future Days (1973) defining not only their own sound but also that a whole era, and has since influenced generations of musicians across the world. At the heart of Can was drummer Jaki Liebezeit, who had previously officiated with free jazz ensembles. His hypnotic style, which often favoured complex rhythmic patterns, formed an intrinsic part of the band sound, alongside Holger Czukay’s equally mesmerizing bass loops and Michael Karoli’s guitar motifs. Three years after the band separated, in 1979, Liebezeit formed the percussion ensemble Drums Off Chaos with Reiner Linke, Maf Retter and Manos Tsangaris. While the formation has been performing live for nigh on thirty years, they have until now almost entirely refrained from recording together, preferring to concentrate instead on the energy of their live set. Continue Reading »

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