JASPER TX: The Black Sun Transmissions (Fang Bomb)

themilkman on Aug 3rd 2011 01:42 am

Jasper TX: The Black Sun Transmissions

The Black Sun Transmissions
Fang Bomb 2011
05 Tracks. 53mins11secs

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If Sweden’s Dag Rosenqvist has often found himself on murky grounds, his horizon has gone considerably darker since his last Jasper TX release two years ago. The title of this new album, his second for Fang Bomb, is as bleak and sobering as the cover it so faintly adorns, and, crucially, as the music it carries. Divided in five sections, this album sees Rosenqvist experiment with increasingly complex and layered compositions. His soundscapes are particularly refined and intricate here, although their overall structure varies considerably, from extremely detailed and quiet moments to beautiful pastoral sequences and heavily processed noise drones, often over the course of a single track. Continue Reading »

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themilkman on Dec 11th 2009 12:50 am

Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek: Blank Grey Canvas Sky

Blank Grey Canvas Sky
Fang Bomb 2009
06 Tracks. 42mins23secs

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Grey Canvas Sky is the second time that Rotterdam-based sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt and Peter Broderick, who shares his time between Portland, OR, Coppenhagen and Berlin, have worked on a release, but while the first, Huis, was a record by Machinefabriek on which Broderick was lending a hand, this new collection was conceived as a combined project from the off. And, despite their respective sonic universes being somewhat different, Broderick occupying the classical and folk end of the musical landscape while Zuydervelt’s is usually found crafting cinematic drone, processed guitars and electronics, the resulting collaborative effort is a totally effortless and immersive piece of contemporary music. Continue Reading »

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JASPER TX: Singing Stones (Fang Bomb)

themilkman on May 26th 2009 12:44 am

Jasper TX: Singing Stones

Singing Stones
Fang Bomb 2009
09 Tracks. 55mins26secs

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The prolific Dag Rosenqvist has been progressively developing his particular blend of dense and bleak treated guitar textures and refined the sound of his solo project, Jasper TX over the years. The Swede’s first album, I’ll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches You, was released in 2005 on Lampse, and since, Rosenqvist has published a number of records on Lidar, Kning Disk, Miasmah and Slaapwel, refining both his sound and approach with each new tome. The pace of releases has steadily increased in the last couple of years, and while SMGT is currently releasing Rosenqvist’s collaboration with Anduin, Swedish imprint Fang Bomb is bringing out his latest solo sonic excursion.

Following on from his last album, Black Sheep, published on Miasmah, and the Closet Ghosts EP on Fenêtre, Singing Stones sees Rosenqvist return once again to his widescreen cinematic soundscapes build around layers of treated acoustic and electric guitars and gentle electronics. Continue Reading »

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