THOMAS FEHLMANN: Gute Luft (Kompakt)

themilkman on May 17th 2010 06:52 am

Thomas Fehlmann: Gute Luft

Gute Lufte
Kompakt 2010
15 Tracks. 69mins25secs

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Thomas Fehlmann is a true veteran of the music scene, having made his debut over thirty years ago with avant-garde outfit Palais Schaumburg, with whom he released several albums and EPs between 1980 and 1984. Since, he has been a prominent member of bands such as Sun Electric, The Orb, 3MB or FFWD, while his solo releases have appeared on R&S and sister label Apollo, Plug Research or Kompakt. For his latest project, Fehlmann created a series of tracks to feature as part of the soundtrack to 24H Berlin, a twenty four hour long documentary for German TV following a handful of Berliners during a whole day. While only a few tracks eventually appeared in the documentary, Fehlmann edited the material he had gathered into a cohesive record. Continue Reading »

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Ambient Pop 2010 (Kompakt)

themilkman on Feb 2nd 2010 12:57 am

V/A: Ambient Pop 2010

Ambient Pop 2010
Kompakt 2010
13 Tracks. 75mins07secs

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Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series has become an unavoidable feature in the music calendar, each year delivering a new contingent of ambient tunes carved by some of the masters of the genres, yet, despite gaining much praises, these collections have at times proved something of a lacklustre affair, and this tenth edition in the series is no different. Gathering a number of Kompakt regulars (Mikkel Metal, DJ Koze, Jürgen Paape, Dettinger, Thomas Felhmann) and occasional contributors (The Orb, Triola, Popnoname), with label boss Wolfgang Voigt curating the project and contributing, this latest display delivers its fair share of hopeful twists and forgettable turns over its seventy five minutes. Continue Reading »

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GUSGUS: 24/7 (Kompakt)

themilkman on Sep 8th 2009 01:04 am

GusGus: 24/7

Kompakt 2009
06 Tracks. 52mins20secs

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Icelandic pop collective GusGus have gone through many changes over the years, with members coming and going and a progressive shift from the resolutely angular pop of their early records, Polydistorition (1997) and This Is Normal (1999) to their more dance-orientated projects of recent years, Attention (2002) and Forever (2007). This trend shows no sign of waning with their latest offering. Having joined the ranks of one of the coolest labels around, Kompakt, GusGus have, with 24/7, pushed deeper into club territory and have almost entirely dropped the pop angle of their songs, which are now developed into long progressive instrumentals upon hang a few relics of lyrics.

GusGus 2009 vintage sees the return of original vocalist Daníel Ágúst to the fore for the whole album for the first time in ten years. Continue Reading »

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SUPERMAYER: Save The World (Kompakt)

David Abravanel on Sep 26th 2007 12:22 pm

Supermayer: Save The World

Save The World
Kompakt 2007
13 Tracks. 63mins12secs

Despite its stark minimalist aesthetic, there’s no denying the underlying sense of humor pervading Kompakt releases. Founded by veterans of the Cologne techno scene, its playful song titles, singsong melodies, and oft-eccentric samples suggest that with age comes an almost child-like compositional approach. Additionally, The Orb, the patron saints of techno absurdity, have a slough of characteristically silly releases on Kompakt. The Orb’s eclecticism, infatuation with dub, and willingness to throw out genre boundaries are a likely reference point for the risk-taking and consistently rewarding Save The World. Continue Reading »

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