WASTELL & MARHAUG: Kiss Of Acid (Monotype Records)

themilkman on Jul 20th 2011 01:25 am

Wastell & Marhaug: Kiss Of Acid

Kiss Of Acid
Monotype Records 2011
01 Track. 41mins45secs

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‘Some guy in Norway making noise’. So goes Lasse Marhaug’s Twitter profile and it is fair to say that it is a pretty accurate description of the man’s extensive body of work. Kiss Of Acid is quite a different proposition altogether. This album is the result of a collaboration in the looser meaning of the term. Wastell and Marhaug never actually recorded together, or even defined any part of the idea behind the record as a working pair. The project started almost ten years ago when Wastell hired a 32” tam tam to use for a performance in Paris which never actually happened. Left with the instrument for the weekend, Wastell used the opportunity to arrange a recording session. The resulting sound sources were later sent to Marhaug who modeled and processed them into a series of slow evolutive drone formations. Continue Reading »

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