OSTRACON: Unauthorized Modifications (Unearthed Music)

themilkman on Sep 1st 2011 01:33 am

Ostracon: Unauthorized Modifications

Unauthorized Modifications
Unearthed Music 2011
06 Tracks. 46mins08secs

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Hailing from Minneapolis, Ostracon is the latest electronics and drums duo to have surfaced. Following on in the footsteps of Burnt Friedman & Jaki Leibezeit or Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid, to name but two, electronic musician John Keston, best known as one half of Keston & Westdal, and drummer Graham O’Brien have teamed up for a rather curious, and excellent, first record.

While O’Brien sticks to traditional drums, Keston’s approach is somewhat quirkier. Instead of relying on keyboards, he uses custom-made programs and hand manipulated light controllers to transform video signals into sound structures. Continue Reading »

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