COLOR CASSETTE: Forever Sparrow (Autres Directions In Music)


Posted on Jan 28th 2009 11:57 pm

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Color Cassette: Forever Sparrow

Forever Sparrow
Autres Directions In Music 2009
11 Tracks. 40mins26secs

In an age dominated by digital media, where even CDs are, to this reviewer’s despair, fast becoming obsolete, cassettes are the antediluvian equivalent of travelling the lengths and breadth of the country on horseback. Equally, the music created by Kentucky-based duo Color Cassette is in many ways as old fashioned and out of time. The band, who released a very limited first mini album on Moteer’s sister DIY imprint Mobeer last year, have moved to French label Autres Directions In Music to release their debut full length album.

Originally the solo project of multi instrumentist and singer-songwriter Jason Corder, of Lexington, Kentucky, Color Cassette now also comprises permanent member Matt Yarington. Four years in the making, Forever Sparrow is a delicate and peaceful collection of folk-influenced ornate pop songs which are given some more contemporary textures with the addition of field recordings and discreet glitches. No less than fourteen musicians have contributed to this album, yet, the songs appear extremely fragile and stripped down, with often nothing more than a gentle acoustic guitar, a voice and discreet electronics to focus on. The melodies are refined and airy, sustained by Corder and Yarington’s soft vocal harmonies, and flow rather well from one song to the next, seemingly echoing at various points throughout the record, as if recurring themes were used to give these pieces an overall sense.

The album tells the story of a young boy lost in a magical forest who, after becoming a sparrow, decides to continue to live there. The sonic tapestry created by the pair and their various collaborators has a fairy tale-like quality indeed, drawing the listener in with captivating little vignettes which scintillate softly under ever changing exquisite tones and moods. Occasionally, the pieces gain strength and build momentum, but even in these circumstances, it is the melodies and harmonies that lead the way and give Forever Sparrow its utterly charming touch.


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