AKIRA KOSEMURA: It’s On Everything (Someone Good)

Max Schaefer on Aug 30th 2007 12:43 pm

Akira Kosemura: It’s On Everything

It’s On Everything
Someone Good 2007
12Tracks. 53mins49secs

Yet another testament to the fact that each event receives its signification retroactively, the debut full-length effort from musician and Schole label manager Akira Kosemura ruminates with poetic reverie on the tender emotions and cheerful obsequious humor of summer’s past. Music of the hushed type, the compositions are fuzzy at the edges, yet abound in detail and incidents that are newly burnished.

The title-track, for one, is a slow build up of steady minimalist piano strokes, dabbed carefully with children’s voices and traces of paranormal emissions while the atmospheric sonics, emitting a laconic light, continue in their legato course. Continue Reading »

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